Monday, August 28, 2006

NoVA Sec First Meeting Pictures

Paul Zedeck was kind enough to send the following pictures from the first NoVA Sec meeting last week. In the first picture, I'm caught demonstrating the proper posture one should assume while holding a Thinkpad laptop. As you can see, we were not allowed to hold our meeting inside the Panera Bread. Not really, just kidding. Here you can get a sense of the number of people that attended the meeting. We probably had 25 people. It was a really nice night to sit outside. I believe we will hold the next meeting at a managed security services provider in the NoVA area. I'd like to know if anyone inside wondered what 25 people were doing outside their restaurant.


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I'd be interested in the range of positions attendees held at their day jobs, as well as the companies represented, just to get an idea of the backgrounds.

For example, as a consultant, I get called by folks who either don't have an IR capability, or that capability has become overwhelmed. Some folks attending may be extremely capable IR folks who...well, don't get overwhelmed. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I couln't be more upset that you can't seem to want membership to this. I mean, why not have a mailing list. I was psyched to go to this, but I'm busy. So, one day I visit the site in my 2 week visit and discover it's already happened.

I couldn't be more dissappointed.

Anonymous said...

I even live one block away.

Richard Bejtlich said...


If you set up a mailing list, we'll use it. Otherwise, how difficult is it to subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog to get notice of new meetings?

Hopefully you can make the next meeting!