Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 Meeting Schedule

I'd like to regularly schedule NoVA Sec meetings in 2008 as the fourth Thursday of every month. That puts the meetings after the OWASP Washington VA meetings on the second Thursday and the ISSA-NoVA meetings on the third Thursday.

With that in mind, here is the proposed schedule for 2008.

  • 24 Jan

  • 28 Feb

  • 27 Mar

  • 24 Apr

  • 22 May

  • No Jun meeting: FIRST conference

  • 24 Jul

  • 28 Aug

  • 25 Sep

  • 23 Oct

  • No Nov meeting: Thanksgiving

  • No Dec meeting: Christmas

I am working on securing speakers for the other meetings now. If you have a speaker in mind (including yourself) please let me know via email to taosecurity at gmail dot com. I am also looking for generous corporate souls to host the meetings. Thank you.

Update: There are monthly Thursday conflicts with CapSec. Please see our mailing list for ongoing discussion.


Anonymous said...


Great to hear that NovaSec is back, it has been sorely missed. Not to complicate things, but the CapSec (CitySec DC) has been meeting monthly at the Brickskellar in DuPont Circle, also on the 4th Thursday.

Clearly this town is big enough for the both of us, since the target audience is slightly different - CapSec has no speakers and is in downtown DC at a bar. I'm sure there will be people wanting to attend both though. How wedded to Thursdays are you?

The website is at for anyone else interested. We might be able to move our meetings as well.

Richard Bejtlich said...

Thanks for the CapSec notice. I just posted a question to our NoVA Sec mailing list asking about moving our meetings to Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Has a meeting for this month day/date for this month been agreed upon?


paula said...