Saturday, September 30, 2006

Next NoVA Sec Meeting 1900 Thu 2 Nov 06

Thanks to everyone who attended the second NoVA Sec meeting. I talked about FreeBSD, then we discussed ZERT, bump keys, and other security issues from the last month. We had about 15 attendees. Thanks to Getronics for hosting!

We will hold our next meeting at the same location as the second meeting, at 1900 Thu 2 Nov 06. We will have our first guest speaker -- Steven J. Murdoch. Steven will present his paper Hot or Not: Revealing Hidden Services by their Clock Skew. He's flying all the way from Cambridge University just to be with us. Ok, not really -- he's presenting that paper at the Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society the same week.

I should note that the speaking portion of the meeting will start around 1930, as was the case this week. I have to drive Steven from Alexandria to Reston after Steven's conference day ends. That might delay arriving at Getronics by 1900.

At the end of the last meeting I also spoke with Aaron, who volunteered to be our first local guest speaker. He will discuss virtual machine forensics at our fourth meeting. I haven't proposed a date for that yet.

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Da Kahuna said...

Outstanding. I am scheduled to be in town and currently have no later afternoon meetings scheduled at work.

Hope to see you there!